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Catching spikes on Boom and Crash indices is so hard, risky and time consuming. Have been using the Kaza spike detector indicator to catch spikes which is the modified version of the moving mini max indicator. This expert advisor simply gets signals from the Kaza spike detector.

The EA is not that perfect, that is why I have decided to just offer it for free. If you want reliable signals for Boom and Crash, consider joining my premium channel.

Why use this new EA?

  1. The EA only trades Boom 1000, 500 and Crash 1000,500.
  2. You have control over what lot size the EA should use.
  3. You have control over the risk percentage.
  4. Depending on lot size you use, you have control of how much the EA should make before closing the trade before it goes into negatives.


How much to start with?

You can start with any amount, but I recommend starting with a $100. If you are scared of losing all of your $100, consider using the default inputs.


  1. Try both versions with different inputs and equity in demo first
  2. Don’t be greedy by using a large lot size and bigger minimum profit trying to turn a smaller amount into millions.
  3. This EA seem to perform better in the morning.
  4. You can now download both versions for free, no license needed.


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